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Same Old Poop, Different Day

Same Old Poop, Different Day

People say adulthood opens you up to a whack of new problems you didn't have growing up. I say that's false. The problems we face when we get older are just the adult versions of the ones we had when we were young. They just feel bigger because we don't have our parents around to solve them for us. That's why growing up sucks. 

I would love being an adult so much more if my mother took care of all the hard and boring stuff so that I could do all the fun things. But then I wouldn't be much of an adult, would I? I'd be an overgrown manchild with a drinking problem. Dare to dream, I guess. 

1. Cooking

Instead of making a mess of yourself at the dinner table, you can eff up an entire kitchen. Yay!!

2. When you're a kid, you have no money

When you're an adult, you still have no money and no mother to give you any, either

3. Being a kid was lame, at times

But raising one is much, much worse

4. Kids know nothing

Adults still know nothing

5. When you were a kid, you couldn't wait to be old enough to eat anything you wanted

Now you're at home eating a plate of bacon knowing someone should stop you

6. I think this says it all

16 People With Absolutely Zero Chill

16 People With Absolutely Zero Chill

There are two types of people in the world. First, there's the kind that can calmly react to situations, get through a holiday commercial without sobbing hysterically, and don't overanalyze every character of every text message. And then? Well, and then there's the rest of us. When it comes to being "chill," you either have it or you don't, and for those of us who don't, it helps to know that we're not alone. These people will 100% make you feel better the next time you freak out because Starbucks spelled your name wrong. Again. 

1. The guy who will do anything for the perfect Instagram. 

All's fair in love and likes. 

2. The mom who forgot about Amazon Prime. 

There are fifty better ways to discreetly buy that book. 

3. Every high schooler's promposal that'll be more elaborate than any of my future weddings.

When did 16-year-old boys become so romantic? 

4. Literally all of us in traffic. 


#6 is the dream for anyone who has a work frenemy. 

5. The mom who unapologetically loves hot sauce. 

When you've found the perfect sauce, you can never, ever let it go. Even if you have to smuggle it in an old bottle just to have it. 

6. Jim and Dwight's entire relationship. 

"Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year!"

7. Any of us the moment when our only friend at the party goes to the bathroom and leaves us alone.

"Oh. Hi. Hello. Nice to meet you. So, what's your relationship with your father like?"

8. Every person in the world the moment someone attractive talks to their S.O.

He shouldn't have friends who are hot. Or female. Or hot females. 

If you're not #9, you're a dirty rotten liar. 

9. All of us who know that the best season is decked out in orange and black. 

Can't it be September 1st AKA Halloween again already?

10. When you know he's done his time, but you're not ready to end his sentence yet. 

"Yeah, I know you're sorry, but what about that time you said I was cute but not pretty? Huh?"

11. Anytime a Snapchat is opened but not responded to. 

So, what? Does our relationship just mean nothing to you?

12. The mastermind behind this card.  

We get it. Your loved one died. Life never bothered them anyway.

#16 is about as savage as it gets. 

13. Everything about Ross. 

If you haven't been Rachel in that situation, you can't sit with us. 

14. All of us the second things start to heat up in the kitchen.

Just don't forget the crème fraîche!

15. Dr. Applebaum.

You gon learn today, Kelly. 

16. Anyone who just got dumped and has a closet full of their ex's clothes. 

If he doesn't want me, I guess he doesn't want the expensive leather jacket he forgot at my house, either. 

17. This guy who didn't even DM her.


18. This gf who has trust issues.

To be fair, I'd be suspicious too.

19. Mom.

She literally set a fire to get Dad's attention.

20. This woman who, upon being informed she couldn't take her vodka on her flight, started throwing it back at 7:30 a.m. 

...And offering it to other passengers.

21. Whoever thought this was a good idea.

I'm pretty sure that's a biohazard... *sips tea*

22. This literal savage.

It's a twist-off, man!

23. This guy dissing Becky with the good hair.

He couldn't leave it alone.

Time And Space Tell All Things

Time And Space Tell All Things

Learning how to give people space can be really hard. When we feel like we are losing something, our reaction is always to fight harder, to try and bridge that ever-expanding space. I used to believe that people who cared would make an effort to be in your life, that it was that black and white, but now I'm not so sure.

Sometimes the best way to understand something is to look at it from far away so that you can see everything, not just what you're trying to hold onto. Give people the space for them to be who they need to be without telling them you won't be there when they come back — give people space to know how they feel, but also because you deserve space, too. 

Doctor Reveals Woman's "Stomach Tumor" Is Actually Her Unborn Child

Doctor Reveals Woman's "Stomach Tumor" Is Actually Her Unborn Child

In many ways, the human body is very good at protecting itself. As we go through life, we're being subtly helped along by the bizarre reactions our bodies have to certain situations without even realizing it. When we need to make a sincere apology, for example, our embarrassment at what we've done triggers blushing, which helps others forgive us. This is because it's fairly easy to fake an apology, but it's impossible to fake blushing.

Even behaviors we find irritating about ourselves can have good reasons for existing. Motion sickness and morning sickness are little more than nuisances in the modern world, but they may have saved our lives back when we were still a young species vulnerable to all of the world's dangers. In both cases, our brains are telling us to vomit as a precaution against poisons and harmful parasites so that we can safely live and reproduce.

However, even systems as sophisticated as the ones within us don't always work the way they're supposed to. What should be a miracle of new life can become life-threatening if something goes wrong during a pregnancy, which is why we used to see so many deaths in childbirth. Our systems of modern medicine have done a lot to protect us in ways our bodies can't by themselves. However, sometimes the problem can be unpredictable, even for the most skilled doctors.

Sadly, this was the hard lesson learned by 92-year-old Estela Meléndez when she discovered she had been carrying a fetus inside of her for over 60 years. You can learn how this happened to her by watching the full video.

As you'll learn, doctors initially thought Meléndez had a tumor but it's difficult to blame them for the mistake. Having a calcified "stone baby" outside of the womb is so rare there are only about 300 cases of it reported in all of medical literature. Moreover, that's the number of cases we've seen by now, but it's very likely that most doctors wouldn't have even heard of this rare condition when Meléndez went for her appointment 60 years ago.

Back then, the most well-known case dated all the way back to 1582 when a French woman carried a stone baby for 28 years.

As the video explains, doctors are concerned that removing the fetus will pose undue risk to Meléndez's safety. Surprisingly, it also doesn't usually cause her any physical pain and she's at no risk of picking up an infection from it. This is because the layer of calcium around it keeps it safely contained so none of its dead tissue can make any contact with her.

However, this protection still comes with a sad cost. She had always dreamed of having a child with her husband of 74 years, Manuel González, who passed away last year. The calcified baby prevented her from ever having any children, which she said was one of the few regrets in her life.

So while the bump hasn't given her much physical trouble, it's a constant reminder of what she has lost and what can never be.

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People Are Struggling To Solve This Brick Wall Mystery

People Are Struggling To Solve This Brick Wall Mystery

Day in and day out, there are new mysteries appearing across the internet. There are riddles that are hard to solve, pictures that contain a hidden object of some kind, or something simply telling you what the lines on your palm mean. Recently, there has been a picture circulating the internet that has people confused. Can you figure out what's going on with it?

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Can you see where the "object" is? Kind of looks like a normal brick wall, right?

There it is! But what is it?

Is it a snake? Unfortunately, no. But that was my first guess, too.

How about a rock? Again, another no.

It's a cigar, but where exactly is it?

Yeah, turns out it's a cigar... It pretty much took me forever to see it, so I'm not proud of myself.

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

24 Times Parents Tried To Master Texting

24 Times Parents Tried To Master Texting

Mastering a smartphone keyboard is a challenging task, even for the most tech savvy of folks. For parents who aren't used to the new technology, it can be ever harder. Sometimes it's a funny autocorrect, or sometimes it's failing to grasp the concept of texting entirely. Whatever the reason, these kids received some pretty hilarious texts from their parents.
























Of course there is always more where that came from. There are more here and here!

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