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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Another Simple Brainteaser That Math Class Didn't Prepare Me For

Another Simple Brainteaser That Math Class Didn't Prepare Me For

Growing up, many of us felt a fondness for numbers thanks to Count von Count from Sesame Street (yes, that's really his name.) There was no resisting his boundless enthusiasm for counting, and the fact that he was the world's friendliest vampire didn't hurt either.

As we got older, however, our love of numbers was put to the test. Years of monotonous homework made many of us dread math, and only those who took comfort in their rational, logical systems were able to let their passion shine through. I wasn't among them, but I felt something similar when I heard complaints about how the fine-toothed combs we put through books in English class killed someone's love of reading. 

Yet both the math fans and the arts aficionados will be equally puzzled by today's little brainteaser. Even though it has a simple answer, it might take a fair bit of pondering to discover what's really going on here.

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In the past, some of the puzzles we've brought you could get pretty frustrating.

Rest assured that this one will involve no long division or other mathematical processes that many of us struggle to remember today.

After all, it would be pretty hard to build a complex question out of this.

As you can see, you only have to fill one square to solve the puzzle. But that hint is what makes this challenging.

But wait, how could it not be six?

The numbers only seem to be counting upward, so what gives?

It's definitely easy to overthink this question.

Yet it's important to remember that this question has a simple answer. For starters, those numbers are spaced the way they are in that table for a reason.

And when you see the answer on the next page, you may realize you weren't quite thinking outside the box.

If you're stuck, it helps to know this brainteaser has nothing to do with math.

Instead, you're going to want to think of what else could go with those five numbers.

Hopefully that helps lead you closer to the answer.

Also, you should know the answer isn't "go" or "liftoff," but you're closer to the bull's-eye than you might think if you guessed either of those.

If you haven't figured it out, here's the answer.

It's R, for reverse. The numbers you were looking at were gears the whole time. 

If you look back, you'll see they were put in the same order as this stick shift.

Some of the dedicated gearheads out there likely got it right away.

Of course, those same folks may point out that it is actually possible to have a car with six gears, but that's also not traditional for manual transmissions.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

There's A Ben & Jerry's Flavor That Can Help Milk Production For
Nursing Moms!

There's A Ben & Jerry's Flavor That Can Help Milk Production For Nursing Moms!

Nursing moms have always been great at finding ways to both increase their milk supply and make that milk more nutritious for their infants, and one of the foods most touted for helping are good ol' fashioned oats. Loaded with protein, vitamins, and minerals, oats are a healthy staple of any diet, but they are also especially good for new moms because they have a high concentration of saponins. Saponins are a compound known to stimulate the immune system and help increase the body's levels of prolactin, which is a vital hormone in milk production. 

Besides just oatmeal, the most popular way for moms to get oats in their diet these days is with lactation cookies. There are store-bought options, but a quick search online will net countless homemade recipes.

Many of these recipes include other ingredients thought to help with milk production, like flaxseed meal, Brewer's yeast, and fenugreek. 

So when Ben & Jerry's announced their new flavors for 2017, the breastfeeding community took notice of one in particular: Oat of This Swirled.

The flavor alone is enough to make me drool. Brown sugar ice cream, fudge flakes, and cinnamon oatmeal cookie swirls? Om nom. But what was specifically of interest was that the mix contains actual oats. Jackpot!

The oats turn the ice cream into what's called a "galactagogue," which is a food thought to increase milk supply and add nutritional benefits.

It's recommended that nursing moms include these foods as much as they can into their well-rounded diet to keep their milk supply healthy.

As with all good things, moderation is important. Replacing breakfast with a pint of ice cream, while decadent, isn't great for the waistline and won't include all the other nutrients a growing baby needs. 

But doesn't it feel good to know that there is at least one flavor of ice cream you can enjoy that will benefit Baby as well? So skip the Half-Baked and reach for the Oat of This Swirled instead!

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20 Pictures To Laugh About

20 Pictures To Laugh About

When you're having a rough day, sometimes all it takes to turn it around is a good laugh at someone else's expense. Mean? Maybe. Effective? Definitely. 

Mixing a good laugh with the knowledge that you're at least doing better than these people is a proven method of boosting your mood. 

1. This guy who's using a selfie stick in the best way possible. 

2. This girl who can fit two corn dogs in her mouth at once. 

3. Ramsay, who says what we all wish we could. 

4. "Are you here to pick up the Mystery Machine?" "Don't be absurd, I drive the whale."

5. This lady trying to sell used lace underwear. Note that they can easily be fixed with 'duck tape'.

6. The Onion: the only reliable paper out there.

7. Carlos, who's a close second. 

8. This adorable pair who have each other's backs.

9. The person who wrote this deeply moving cookie message. 

10. Whoever designed this poorly placed fold. 

11. Anyone who's ever had a faceoff with a squirrel. 

12. The girl who is clearly on house arrest. 

13. This guy. 

14. Anyone who is too afraid to just post their goddamn selfie. 

15. Kit Harington, who can't go anywhere (and is a Leafs fan). 

16. This guy, who has his affairs in order. 

17. This kitty, who just wants to poop in peace. 

18. Anyone who tries to shop here. 

19. The guy in the back. 

20. And these two eagles, who look thoroughly unimpressed. 

Main image via reddit / SimpleSimulation

Collage image via reddit / iBleeedOrange

The Surprising Engineering Behind Nerf Guns

The Surprising Engineering Behind Nerf Guns

Engineering is all around us, even in the least likely of places. Take toys, for example. Even toys for grown-ups, who have been known to launch volleys of foam darts across rec rooms and office spaces when it suits them. We all had Nerf guns when we were kids, right? And they can be a hard thing to grow out of because they're just so much fun. And getting into a Nerf war with friends and co-workers is a surprisingly good bonding method. 

Regardless of how old we are, when we pick up a Nerf gun, few of us realize that there's actually a lot of engineering behind it. As toys go, it takes a surprising amount of thought to create so much fun.

Everybody knows Nerf guns fire with compressed air. But how do Nerf guns like this only fire one dart at a time?

It doesn't seem to matter which barrel is loaded – it only fires one dart at a time. There must be some engineering at work!

The patent points out that the gun fires its darts by "cascading a blast of compressed air."

Basically, when you cock the gun, you load it with compressed air. When the darts are loaded, the air has to pass a series of O-rings and valves when it fires. The air can't reach the second valve until the first one has been cleared.

Of course, there's a way around it if you want to fire all three darts at once.

If you load the darts part-way, air will be able to get to all three chambers, so all the darts can fire at once – although they won't travel as fast or as far. 

Check out the full explanation below!


Sunday, January 14, 2018

14 Hilarious Text Interactions That Are Completely Random

14 Hilarious Text Interactions That Are Completely Random

Have you ever just gotten an absolutely hilarious text that was so epically funny that you had to screenshot it for future reference? Yeah, you have? Well this random compilation of text messages is pretty much a bunch of screenshotted conversations that were too funny to forget about. 

1. Poor cat probably $#^% itself.

2. A favor? Or nah? How about nah...

3. da man.

4. Surprise?

5. Apply ice to burn.

6. The WORST thing you could ever tell someone.

7. Cory, you're a monster!

8. Ron Burgundy strikes.

9. True love.

10. These two are obviously perfect for each other.

11. Maybe this scare will teach this guy to stop being a drunken mess.

12. Wrong number texts are the best...

13. LOL

14. Too good.

Photo Source:  imgur / JaromirAzarov