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12 Dudes Who Have A Loophole For Everything Life Throws Their Way

12 Dudes Who Have A Loophole For Everything Life Throws Their Way

With all the challenges we have to deal with in life, it's only natural that we would want to find a shortcut or two. After all, it's common for our problems to seem like they have much more complicated solutions than they really do. Even if you're dealing with specifically worded instructions, there's often a way you can fulfill everything they're asking of you without making things hard for yourself.

When you do this, you've found a loophole. It's a big part of a lawyer's or an accountant's job to find them, which is why any legal agreement we have to sign nowadays is worded so carefully.

Yet the gears of inspiration can really turn for anyone, and it's likely you won't have to wait too long before you find an opportunity to find your own loopholes.

After all, it seemed to come pretty naturally to these 12 people.

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1. This person's wife always wanted a Christmas tree, but their pets kept destroying any trees they brought home.

So they decided to use portals. This way, the pets can't reach it and everyone gets to enjoy the festivities.

2. When you're trying to work out with a low ceiling, you may need to get creative.

Now he just needs to figure out what he's going to do about all the dust and bugs lurking around in that ceiling.

3. I'd like to think that the same person is responsible for all of these rules.

If so, I bet that sign is only going to get longer. When someone's determined to find a loophole, it's hard to keep them down.

4. This goat kept getting its head stuck in fences, so the farmer thought of a handy solution.

I'm not sure why they drew eyes on it, but I guess the point is that it works.

Apparently fences are more of a nuisance than we thought because this isn't the only loophole designed to get around them.

5. Just because there's construction going on doesn't mean everything has to stop.

It's also pretty refreshing to see a crosswalk button that actually works. They're a lot fewer and farther between than you may realize.

6. Technically, this person found a way to legally get free parking.

However, they should be warned that others who have tried this ended up getting a lot of tickets anyway.

7. That's close enough, right?

When you can't find someone willing to go out and get just one brick, I guess you just have to make do.

8. Well, well, well, aren't we clever?

I guess his girlfriend's going to have to treat him like she's asking a genie for a wish from now on.

Just in case that wasn't the most dad-jokey thing you've seen all day, check out this next one.

9. I guess they got exactly what they asked for.

With the way these jokes can sometimes get out of hand, they may soon have a whole bakery to deal with.

10. This guy's workplace didn't allow a Movember mustache, so he had to think outside the box.

It's a shame it couldn't be on his face, but that is one stylish 'stache.

11. A redditor put this communal gift together because he doesn't like wrapping presents.

He might run into trouble if someone wants another person's gift, though.

12. Sometimes you don't need a loophole if you have a nice compromise.

Honestly, I'm just kind of surprised that "Stairway To Heaven" somehow made it off this guitar shop's banned list.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

12 Doctors Reveal The Stupidest Things Patients Have Come In For

12 Doctors Reveal The Stupidest Things Patients Have Come In For

As if being a doctor wasn't challenging enough, those who accept the call to work in emergency medicine often have it about as hard as it gets. We're already talking about a high-stress job that can mean the difference between life and death, but add in the crowding common in emergency rooms and the unpredictable hours, and we've got a situation many of us really don't want to be in.

Still, it's perfect for someone who's always looking for new challenges because people have a way of injuring themselves in ways some of us couldn't imagine. Of course, some of those cases are going to be more serious than others. It's natural to be worried when it feels like something is wrong, but in some cases, it seems like some folks expect doctors to be the make-everything-better fairy.

Naturally, we'd want to hear about some of the worst offenders here, and some doctors were more than happy to satisfy our curiosity by sharing their stories on reddit. Today, we're going to look at 12 of the craziest ones.

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1. One patient dealt with a year of "electric shocks" before learning what static electricity is.

Apparently, his work suit and rubber-soled shoes kept giving him little jolts, so the doctor recommended changing his shoes. This didn't seem to satisfy the patient, who asked why the doctor couldn't treat his condition.

As the doc put it, "Unfortunately I have no power to change the laws of physics"

2. One ER doctor had a patient come because his sleep was of "poor quality."

Not only is this not an emergency, but he only seemed concerned after an app on his iPhone told him this.

3. A well-dressed man came in at three in the morning to ask the impossible.

In the man's words, "I was at a wedding and it occurred to me that my son is a little short. Can you give him something right now to make him taller?"

Doctors will hear pretty much everything, but surely that has to be a new one. 

4. One woman called 911 to report a murder and was about as mistaken as you can get.

When EMTs responded, they found out the "victim" was actually a log with a jacket over it, and the woman was very drunk.

While this was a whole lot of nothing, sometimes you can have a real emergency for the dumbest reason possible.

5. One patient came in with a pitchfork embedded in his thigh.

How did that happen?

He and his friend were using their skateboards to joust with them. 

6. One patient called an emergency surgeon because her daughter's farts smelled too bad.

Somehow, the doctor was apparently able to keep a straight face through the whole thing.

7. It seemed nobody wanted to deal with one teenaged girl's problem.

An OB-GYN examined her for vaginal bleeding and discovered she was only having her first period. The problem was that the patient's mom had gone to the ER, who then called this doctor for a consult.

In other words, it hadn't occurred to any of them that the girl could be having her period. 

8. A burn unit received a patient who was airlifted in for what looked like a bad tan.

The wound amounted to a few blisters on their leg, but another hospital sent them on a $50,000 helicopter ride anyway. Since the patient was apparently screaming for pain medication the whole time, our reddit doc suspected the other ER was trying to get rid of them.

9. One parent brought her nine-year-old to the ER because he didn't win an award.

More specifically, it was because he was upset that he didn't win an academic award at his school's ceremony. She said, "Talk to him or something, I can't deal with him." 

10. One patient learned the hard way that somebody cut corners when they made her new jeans.

Her hand had been slowly turning blue as the day went on, so she understandably worried that she might have a blood clot or blood pressure issue. What doctors found, however, was that the blue dye from her jeans had been bleeding onto her hand when she put it in her pocket.

11. We may never know what one patient's problem was.

He told the doctor he had "very mild" abdominal pain but that it had started "right now." In other words, after he had made the decision to go to the ER.

When the doctor asked him why he had come in the first place, he didn't seem to have an answer. We do know that he didn't relish waiting for 12 minutes to talk to a doctor, though.

I'd say I'm not sure what kind of wait times he's used to, but the whole situation is honestly one giant question mark.

12. One paramedic actually got a call from someone with a gerbil up their butt.

She didn't believe this was really something that happened, but sure enough, someone put the gerbil in a bottle and put the bottle into his anus. Thanks to suction from the bottle, he couldn't get it back out and the angry gerbil was moving around so much that he screamed, "Just kill me!"

We'll likely never know why he did this, but the paramedic couldn't stop laughing when it was over.

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